Wicker Rattan Furniture: What Is Rattan?}

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Every field has an epitome, the one thing that is considered to be the finest example of what that particular field is capable of. In many cases, there are a number of different possibilities that compete for this title. For instance, in the world of the culinary arts, one might argue that fillet mignon is the height of culinary potential, while others might go with a fine caviar, and still others might opt for an extravagant desert. Most importantly, it would be highly difficult to say for certain that any one option is any more viable than the others, as it is largely based on personal preference.

In other fields, though, there are rather more definite lines drawn in the sand when it comes to what is considered the finest of their particular fields. These, however, are usually rather specific areas to begin with. For instance, when you consider furniture that is made out of wicker, the height of this field is most certainly wicker rattan furniture. Now, if may seem like a rather unimportant accomplishment for wicker rattan furniture to be so popular in such a limited context, but do not allow that to blind you to the true potential of the material.

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Of course, there is a fairly good chance that you are unaware of the potential of wicker rattan furniture for an entirely different reason, namely that you have no idea what rattan actually is. Well, fear not, a simple explanation can put you in the know, and perhaps give you a look at that makes this material so useful. Rattan is simply a type of plant that tends to grow in eastern tropical climates. It is, at first glance, a rather useless seeming plant, as most species of rattan cannot even stand on their own, but have to rely on larger plants for support.

However, once you put a little work into it, the rattan is an absolutely ideal material for furniture making. The surface of the rattan stalk can be taken away and used for more finely woven pieces (although it is not hardy enough to be used in actual wicker.) The stalks themselves, however, are the parts that are woven into the wicker, as rattan has stalks that are, in some ways, very similar to bamboo, in both appearance and flexibility.

Of course, rattans can be used in order to make other types of furniture than simply wicker rattan furniture, as the thicker varieties of rattan stalks can be cut up and used like any other type of wood for furniture construction. However, its most useful application is still most likely the making of wicker rattan furniture, as that is where it is at its best. Its durability makes it the ideal material for making wicker furniture, as does the fact that it is so remarkably lightweight. However, its natural beauty is most likely the asset that makes it most suitable for use as furniture making material, as it would be difficult to find woods which look better in even a raw form.

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