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By Chris Malcolm

The Pick 6 Lotto is one of the most famous lottery game. It is because it is very easy to play and the prize is huge. Many people have been longing to get that jackpot prize using Pick 6 strategies. You have to admit that you are one of them. It may seem hard but there are Pick 6 strategies that are made by Gail Howard.

Here are some Pick 6 strategies which are included on her book with the title “Lottery Master Guide”. Yes, the numbers are picked in random order. The game administrators assure you that they don’t use tricks on every draw. However, these randomly selected numbers construct an arrangement which we can use to win New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto. With further studies of more than 160 different Lotto games around the world since 1955, Gail Howard has come up with an inconceivable law: “That which is MOST POSSIBLE happens MOST OFTEN. That which is LEAST POSSIBLE happens LEAST OFTEN.” The main strategy that would lead to fortunate selection of numbers is using the probability method. If your favorite six-number combinations has been out of luck for many times, it is time for you to let go and search for the most probable combination that can make you win the Pick 6 Lotto.

The Odd-Even Lotto number tips and High-Low Lotto number tips are also Pick 6 strategies you can use. The Odd-Even Pick 6 strategy works by choosing mixed combination of odd and even numbers. It is rare to have an all odd or all even combination in a single draw. The best combinations are to have four odd and two even numbers, three odd and three even numbers, or two odd and four even numbers. One of these combinations are said to appear in the draw by 80 percent chance. The High-Low Pick 6 strategy is usually formed by all the numbers. Like in Pick 6 Lotto, which you have 49 numbers for each box, you will have to divide it in two parts, the high numbers and the low numbers. For example, the numbers 1-25 would be in the group of low numbers, the numbers 26-46 will be in the group of high number. The combination of all high numbers and all low numbers are also seldom drawn. You will have to mix three high and three low numbers, four high and two low numbers, or two high and four low numbers. This will give you 78 percent chance of winning.

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The next Pick 6 strategies are the Lottery Number Group Strategies and the Lotto Number Sum Advice. These Pick 6 strategies both recommend you to use a lot of paper. In Lottery Number Group Strategies, you will research on the past winning numbers and then write it down. Then you will notice a number that has been commonly part of the six-number winning combination. For an instance, if most of the times the numbers 4, 9, 12, 17, 30, 45 are present on the draws you should start using these numbers to win. In the Lotto Number Sum Advice, you will have to choose six numbers. Once you are sure of the six numbers, you will then to do an addition of these numbers. If the total is within 115 and 185 you will have more than 70 percent of the chance to win the jackpot.

There are more Pick 6 strategies that Gail Howard has shared. It is all included in her book. Her strategies are all studied and proven to your raise your shot to win.

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